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Yea.. I talked to Z last night. He mentioned he had a pack of back-up files for you. I think he said it was from April. He was waiting for GT to get back up so he could give it to you.

I think it's awsm you're able to recover (somewhat) from the crash. My thoughts are: "however long it takes". I enjoy playing the Conversion pack. (Even the space maps that were dropped ) I can wait. The last version 1.9 works just fine besides the "little" things. I still download and enjoy SWBF1 maps... PPL will enjoy the SWBF2 pack WHENEVER it gets finished.

I TOTALLY understand the efforts you've put in already. Besides.. after reading all the posts through the many different versions of the conversion pack threads at GT (among other threads resulting in nothing but pressure on you I'm sure)... I personally think you needed the break.

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