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Tysyacha made a small poluvazhenie half-nod to Kimber with her gaze. "Good plan. Tatooine, even though it's hotter than a basilisk's warmth rock, would be a vast improvement over this stinkhole of a planet." She made a face. "Sorry. I know I sort of helped things here, back when I was still wandering the galaxy and trying to find the last three Jedi Masters, but even the best of changes can slip back into inertia or decay if no one makes any real effort to keep those changes up." Knowing nods.

Maybe it was her picturing Tatooine in her mind's eye that caused her to feel a warm, almost hot breeze. At the same time, she experienced a vision, or merely a flash of a vision, about a glass of water. Her imagined self was tipping the glass up toward her mouth, drinking with relief and almost pleasure, and then doubling over in utter shock.

"Acid!" her imaginary alter-ego cried, coughing and spitting. "I've swallowed acid!"

Then reality came back into focus again, and Tysyacha shook her head in a rapid reflex gesture. "Sorry about that--blanked out for a minute. Saw a vision of myself in my imagination, and I was drinking acid by mistake. Maybe that's a warning not to try Tattooine's tap water. Heh, heh." Confused looks from the crew, and a blush from the captain. "I guess I'm starting to sound like Kala-Naa. Come on. Let's go before the steam and fumes from down below find their way up here and do that to me again."

Unsettlingly, the look on the mechanic's face said It wasn't the core fumes at all.
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