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Federico was sprinted towards the Alderaan City Hall. He spotted three Mandalorians. They turned towards him and raised their blasters. He leveled his lightsaber, ready to ignite the cylinder and stared at them.

“Surrender,” Federico shouted.

“Forget it kid,” The mandalorian said as he pointed to kill Federico.

Federico then ignited his lightsaber and tucked it, deflecting the first shot of the mandalorians, the other two started shooting and Federico deflected the shots, killing one of the mandalorians in his defense. Federico force pushed the other mandalorian into a building. He hit it with a sickening thud and went unconscious. The third Mandalorian continued shooting at Federico. Heflipped over the blaster bolts and cut the mandalorian in half as he landed.

“I told you to surrender,” Federico said as he started running towards the building.

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