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((OCC- Ok we need a third Y-wing pilot so other than myself or Keno, anyone can make the next Pilot. Sorry for my Absence I’ve had unexpected RL stuff that I had to deal with.))

“OK Storms we’re doing standard tactic’s.” X-Ray informed his pilots. “Thunder Squad your only target is the dreadnaught, Hurricane squad we will be on escort until we reach the eyeballs then I want you two to break, Deuce take down those Bombers, Brows take down what you can…” Captain Thray paused and began to check the sensor readouts again. “Lightning Squadron I need you to veer off to our port at full speed and then come in fast at their right flank. If any break off from the group to intercept you engage them first…” Xander’s fighters S-foils began to move and lock in attack position. “All fighters be aware that the Arrow has Zero defence so if any of the imps attempt to engage it make that eyeball our top priority.”
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