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Jyot guided a levi-trolley through the crowded streets in the Corellian sector. He was coming back from his shopping spree purchasing parts for the Scimitar--some spares but mostly the replacement parts he needed to fix Arelyn’s turret controls. He had probably spent more than Alec had intended him to, as he had been preoccupied with thoughts about Ali’s arrival, but at least he hadn’t got any of the dodgy/second hand parts this time.

“Why?” he grumbled aloud to himself as he walked. “Of all the pilots in the Galaxy Alec could have hired, he hires her. He could have hired anyone—a Wookiee, a Trandoshan… but no-ooo. He goes for a Corellian. And not just any Corellian, oh no. He’s got to hire a female. And not just any female, no. He’s got to hire one that I’ve had a past relationship with, one that I haven’t seen in years and throws a right hook like a professional…. ” A passer-by gave Jyot a strange look as he sidled past him. “What?!” Jyot snapped at the man. “When your captain hires your ex-girlfriend to be the new pilot of your ship, see if you don’t complain a little!”

As Jyot rolled his eyes, the man gave Jyot a look and continued on his way. He soon reached the ship, loaded the trolley up into the cargo bay, took the parts he needed to fix the turret and headed up the ladder to the upper decks.

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