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"But I'm not going to go easy on you, so be prepared."

Latch shook his head. "It's times like this I wish I was a masochist," he muttered to himself as he trudged up the ramp. Entering the cargo bay, he heard clanging noises coming from above, meaning Jyot was probably back and fixing the ship. That also meant Alec was probably back as well with a new pilot. He made up his mind to head to the cockpit once he was done delivering the supplies to the medbay. Trotting deeper into the cargo hold, he made for the ladder in front of the quick-drop bay, tossing a wave at Kuun as he ascended.

Hoisting himself up through the hole in the deck, he hefted the bag and strode into the medbay. Stitcher was poring over some weird-looking instruments and bubbling chemicals, his goggles over his eyes. As Latch entered, he craned his head up, the opaque lenses making him look like some sort of strange alien bug. "Do you have my supplies?" he asked the raven-haired gunner.

Latch swung the bag down from his back and placed it none to gently in front of Stitcher. "Should be enough drugs in there to knock a bantha out, cut it open, play sabacc with its intestines, then sew it back up again."

"Lovely," Stitcher said, already rifling through the bag. "I take it you acquired them without any problems?"

Latch snorted. "You can't go anywhere on Nar Shaddaa and not run into problems," he told the medic matter-of-factly. "But Arelyn took care of it."

Stitcher raised an eyebrow. "She's all better then?"

"Oh yeah, she's fit."

"Good, one less thing to worry about then," Stitcher nodded, extracting a few pouches from the bag.

"Alec find us a new pilot?" Latch asked, leaning inside the doorway.

"Yah," the younger man replied. "Seems nice enough. Pretty too."

Latch hesitated. "He found us a female pilot?"

Stitcher shot Latch a glance. "Duh. And I'm pretty sure Jyot's already made a pass at her, so get to the cockpit and let her shoot you down too so we can all get that awkward part over with."

Latch stalked forward and tousled Stitcher's hair with his hand. "Y'know kid, for a young'un, you sure are a wiseass."

"Can't really help it, Latch," Stitcher replied. "Not with you and Jyot on board. And especially since I think we're now heavy three Corellians on this rig."

It took a few moments for Latch to make the connection. "Our pilot's Corellian?"

"You're quick," Stitcher said dryly.

Latch hefted a roll of bandages and chucked it at the medic as he exited the medbay.
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