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((Ha! See if I can't make that into a post!))

Woman: You have a construct with you? Oh, how quaint. Hello.

Guy: *breaking the general silence* Why we are here is information we cannot give out lightly.

Woman: Then you are not here to carry out the Protocols?

Raschel: We don't know what Protocols you're talking about.

Woman: But... that's impossible. How else would you carry the identifying magic? Did the Fifth Icons not lead you here?

Marin: The Fifth Icons?

Woman: Yes, the Key and the Map. Why else would you have come?

Guy: We... do have a key, and a map, and the map did lead us here.

K'Warra: I have to say, this is all quite fascinating.

Woman: Then you are here for the Protocols. You must be. If you were not here for the Protocols, I would not even know I possessed one of them. It would violate the terms of the pact.

Raschel: "The Protocols of the End" - what are they?

Woman: I, er, thought the words would be self-explanatory. I suppose I'm out of practice in language...

*The woman holds out her hand, and a small, complex grid pattern of light hovers above it, like a hologram.*

Woman: This is the Protocol I safekeep. There are seven protocols in all. Each has three duplicates, one for each of the twenty-three who took the pact.

Raschel: What do they do?

Woman: Oh, that's simple. They destroy this world.

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