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HK-47, far from being bored or "stifled" by patrol duty (as much as a droid could be stifled), rather enjoyed it. Not only did he get to intimidate absolutely everyone, but he also got to form deeper impressions of the newest crew of the Ebon Hawk. This served to let HK know, of course, whether or not he should "terminate" them.

As of now, his suspicions were not exactly put to rest when it came to the nameless mechanic. Any being, droid or meatbag, that refused to identify himself/herself/itself by any sort of name was automatically suspect in his mechanical mind. HK wondered if this mechanic were in fact a spy, and he was spying upon a spy. He'd soon find out.

"Reporting Statement: I have been 'picking up' some odd noises from the men's dormitory, Master, to use the inferior terminology of meatbags," he announced. "They are slightly outside your normal range of hearing, so I decided to alert you of a possible mishap or malfunction of one of the locker containers. Perhaps the still-unidentified mechanic is attempting to fix a problem, but my perception is that this is not the case." A cough.

"You're probably right, HK," said Tysyacha, "in that he may be trying to fix something. Nevertheless, I'll go see, because the way the Hawk is right now, she's an old girl, and we can't afford to have her malfunctioning in the middle of hyperspace." She rose from her place in the co-pilot's chair to check on the possible "situation".

"Is everything all right?" she asked the mechanic, smiling gently. "HK said you might be fixing a--problem--?" Was she seeing things, or was his arm not quite an arm?
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