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Originally Posted by yonibibi
I want to start a dedicated server in jka.
do i have to rent a server or i can do it for free?
can i write a motd and do other stuff without reting a server?

I will be very grateful if someone will answer me
It depends on what you want.
If you want to make a funserver where you sometimes play on with ur friends, then i suggest u just host one, in your Gamedata folder is a file called JampDed.exe like been said before. You can configurate stuff and settings in your server.cfg (or jampserver.cfg don't know exactly) ..but you need a good computer and more important, fast internet to host a server.
If you want to make a clan or something, a server which will be online 24/7 you have to rent a server, just search "Gameserver" at google and you will find alot sites, the more slots (amount of players) the higher the price.
You can also host your own server 24/7 for free, but i don't recommend that.
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