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An embarrassed blush came to Tysyacha's cheeks. "Erm--I'm sorry, no. HK was just getting a little suspicious, and he supposed one of the lockers in the men's dormitory might have malfunctioned. I apologize if I disturbed you, and now I'm going to go and disassemble one nosy protocol droid." Her eyes narrowed. "Assassin droid, I mean."

"Interjection: No need, Master. I am simply here to inform you that we shall soon be landing at the Anchorage station on Tatooine. You might wish to fasten your seat belt." HK-47 saluted sharply and returned to patrol duty, and Tysyacha scowled at him.

"Next time, I'll make sure he stays out of here unless it's an absolute emergency. I'll leave you be, unless you want to come up front and view our descent. It's quite a light show." A wink and a crisp quarter-turn to the right, and the Exile was gone.


Tatooine. The very name was a synonym for not only hot, but so kriffing hot that you could fry a krayt dragon egg on the sidewalk. Tysyacha could not think of any time she had been on this planet's desert surface without almost fainting from sun exhaustion. Were the Sand People still here? What about the Czerka merchants and corporate drones? The Exile had heard that Revan, being of just nature, spared both.
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