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His smile became a bit more prominent. "There's no need to apologize - really, Tysy. It's quite alright."

The annoyance that flickered across her face made his eyes soften. He recognized the expression from so many years ago...from a time that was both brighter and darker than the days now. It was rather...nice, strangely.

"I'll be out momentarily." he said, nodding before lifting the hydrospanner in his hand again. "Thank you, Exile."

When she and HK had left - HK hesitating to give him what he thought was supposed to be a warning look - he lifted his arm into his lap again, finishing taking out the faulty gearing and replacing the parts in question. The whole process took about ten minutes - ten very rough minutes, due to reentry. He was rather amazed that he hadn't accidentally cut something that he shouldn't have...

Snapping the casing closed again, he twitched all of his fingers experimentally. When they didn't jam, he shook them, curled them, wiggled them - and they all worked. Wonderful! He pulled the long glove back on, pulling the straps tight. Quickly, he rolled the tools back up and deposited them in his locker before sliding that under his bed. Straightening his vest, he proceeded to the cockpit.


He leaned against the wall near the starmap, his arms folded over his chest as he looked out the viewscreen at the dock outside, his blue eyes following the progress of the Czerka officer that was already coming towards the Hawk, clipboard in hand. His upper lip pulled back in a small snarl.

"Ugh...not them." he muttered. "The worst part about Tattooine is the Czerka. They're allowed to run completely rampant around here - hell, they're practically the only government they have."

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