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Kimber spun around in the pilot's chair to face the mechanic. "Yeah, well...," she said in a slow, disparaging tone. "It's either Czerka or the Hutts. And of the two, neither is desirable. But..." She gave him a quick grin, "not to worry. I'll get us a discount on the docking fee."

With that, she rose and headed out of the ship to meet the Czerka officer. She put an arm around the man's shoulders, guiding him away from the ship and towards the Czerka office as she talked to him in hushed tones. In a few minutes she was back on board the Ebon Hawk, with a couple of permits in her hand.

"One permit for docking," she said, waving the permit in the air, "and another for... wait for it...." She grinned. "Krayt dragon hunting." She wiggled her eyebrows. "'Course, I don't know the first thing about dragon hunting, so...." Smiling, she tossed the other permit card to the mechanic. "But you look like the capable sort. I'm sure you can advise the rest of us on how to 'blend' in with the hunter crowd around here."

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