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Tysyacha shrugged, and her gesture betrayed cynicism with just a hint of sadness. "I guess someone has to sell things to the tourists from off-world and keep some small semblance of law and order around here. Although," she said ruefully, "having been their flunkie and fall-girl once, I shouldn't be the one to sing their praises. I know just how hollow Czerka's 'law and order' can be, and also their sense of 'fair play'."

At a surprised look from the mechanic(?), a tall, dark-haired female approached them.

"Welcome to Tatooine," she said with a lipstick-glazed smile. Her teeth must have been capped and bleached with the most intense Kaminoan salt-bath methods. "I am Bah'ri, and I hope that your stay on this planet will be a pleasant one, although not too long. The sandstorms are coming--it's that season. Is there any way I can help?"

Tysyacha smiled in return, although far less effusively. Jana Lorso certainly didn't teach me to grin that way, she remembered. Then again, I wasn't exactly in the customer-service department. I was more in the 'stealing droids and smuggling' one. "We're looking to go big-game hunting," said the Exile, which earned a pleased murmur from Bah'ri. "The weapons are with us, but what we don't have are any maps of notable caverns or lairs. We'll also need a sandbroom to ease our way on the trails, and a supply of rations for five." Bah'ri nodded appreciatively and went to get the supplies. She certainly was efficient, and the materials she brought of good quality.

"That will be one hundred credits," she said, her smile re-pasted onto her pale face. One hundred credits was a lot, but the rations were real food, not the synthetic kind that was often fabricated off-world and sold to Tatooine dwellers at exorbitant prices.

"Much better than dried bantha jerky," the Exile complimented. "Thank you, Bah'ri."

Deciding not to travel in the heat of the day, Tysyacha, Lane, Kimber Quitaan, the mechanic, and Rika Saben trudged along a marked trail toward one of the massive lairs. "Krayt Dragon's Cavern," it was labeled, and yet the Exile wondered if any of the huge beasts had ever shown their faces since Revan had slain one on his visit here.
It was sunset, or nearing sunset, and any reptiles might be out hunting or foraging.

"There it is." Tysyacha pointed. The cave was as dark and deep as the entrance to Malachor V, sprawling for hundreds of feet. Such space would be required by animals as large as krayt dragons, although humans would find it rather hospitable in a pinch.
It looked empty, although you never could be too careful around any strange caves.

The Exile lit her lightsabers, and Rika did too, once they neared the mouth of the lair. It looked lived-in, with (presumably) bedclothes scattered about, and crude dishes. Datapads, possibly broken, rested in the corner, and gnawed bones lay here and there.

"Ugh," said one of the other females, perhaps Rika or Kimber. "What's that smell?"

Tysyacha tried hard to keep from laughing, only smiling instead. "Bat guano and reptile droppings. Not fresh, though--perhaps only a day old, and matted with straw. "Good thing this sandbroom will come in handy." She took it from the mechanic and handed him one of her petite silver sabers. "Please, hold the blade. If Katya Skyhawk lives here, I can't fathom how she can stand it." The dung was dry, so her work was light.

"Why are you even doing that?" someone mumbled. "Maybe this cave is abandoned."

"Penitential labor, long story," replied Tysyacha. "Don't worry. This won't take long."

It didn't, and when the Exile had finished, she created a great Force Wave outside of the lair to bury the droppings under six feet of sand. Everyone else had stood back(!) After the dust had cleared, Tysyacha looked around once more. "Well--doesn't seem like I did any good. No one's shown up yet, and it's almost nightfall. We don't want to be out here in the dark." Not that she was afraid--only cautious, only desiring safety.
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