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He was still twirling the silver saber round and round, watching appreciatively as the blade lit curving arcs in the air. He didn't cut himself, and it didn't come anywhere near his body - so much for lightsabers being 'unruly' weapons. It handled just like a vibro blade.

"No, we don't." he answered, "But I don't know that we would want to leave here. It seems pretty well-lived in - everything seems quite recent." his eyes didn't leave the acrobatics of the spinning blade. "I'm sure that whoever lives here will soon be back. The night usually brings people crawling back to whatever hole they crawled out of."

With one final toss, he flicked the saber off, the blade withdrawing into the hilt. He smirked faintly, pleased with himself, before offering it back to the Exile. "We can either stay here for the night, and maybe catch whoever we're looking for, or return and get back to Anchorage a good thirty minutes before nightfall and return in the morning."

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