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Heehe! Force Far Sight from Mysteries of the Sith alows you to mentally scout ahead of you while you remain imobile. A totially WICKED dark side power would be what I call Force Decection, (used by Lomi Plo in Star by Star) it surounds the victim in a slowly closing web of darkside energies that slise the poor chap into precise little cubes of meat, bone, and gore. It would take almost ten seconds ingame, uninterupted but fatalty for one who doesn't know how to block it is certain. As said before we must have destruction and I would also like Force Deadly Sight. Those who haven't played Dark Forces 2 wont know this one so I'll explain. Imagine being confronted by a squad of Mandalorians that might possibly kill you, okay now your eyes begin to glow a hellish red and all in your feild of vision fall sheiking, smoking and shrivling as though looks could kill. Next, "Spear of Midnight Black" essentially a dark Jedi can form a functioning weapon, say a spear, out of pure inky evil energy and use it as one uses a weapon. wookipedia has an entry on it, it apears in the book Jedi Knight. Next I would like to be able to have some truly nasty stuff used against me that I cannot use In particular I am thinking of the afore mentioned thought bomb, it would rock to see one ofthose in action! Also I would like Force Absorb, not nessissarily for me though. Party members and NPCs should be able to cuase more damage and have powers unique to their Force connection. For instance Corran Horn in I, Jedi can absorb energy from flames, blaster shots etc. and use it to boost his own Force powers. Another nice one might be Battle Meld, but say if your party didn't share the same alignment or hated each other it would only work so well. Finally we need to use classic telekenisis, meaning I want to be able to move everything from guys to random peices of fruit and throw it all around me like Tenel Djo from Courtship of Princess Leia can do. Also that by the same token you could throw all that stuff at people....

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