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Alec walked out into the common area and smiled to himself as he approached the small bar area. He poured himself a drink of some Zeltron cabble Juice, it was a blue liquid, highly alcoholic and very expensive. The mercenary would often pour himself a glass and anyone who cared to join him after they got paid for job well done.

The money they got wasn't reasonable for the trouble they went through to get it. Never the less the drink had become somewhat a tradition over the years he worked hunting, so he enjoyed his drink.

A few good things did happen this day and maybe that was worth celebrating, he did actually get paid which was a plus, they found a new female pilot who was unlikely to be pushed away by the horny mechanic and they may have a job with the biggest payday ever.

Still smiling he took his drink and sat down at the main table and decided to contemplate his next steps.
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