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Whoa, how did I miss this earlier. My favorite IDE of all time, ActiveState Komodo, has a a free version called Komodo Edit.

Here is a review of Komodo Edit.

ActiveState is going make some this code open source in their new Open Komodo code base. And from there a new project is in the works...
Originally Posted by ActiveState
Open Komodo is an open-source code base upon which IDE software packages
can be developed. The initial open source code for Open Komodo will be a
portion of ActiveState's Komodo Edit.
The first tool the Open Komodo Project aims to create on the Open Komodo
code base is a full-featured client-side web development tool. Currently
codenamed Komodo Snapdragon, it will be integrated with Firefox and
based on Komodo IDE, and developed in collaboration with the open source
Komodo Snapdragon will focus on JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, and other browser-side languages. It will also include integration with other Mozilla-based applications, such as Firefox and Firebug, to further improve the web development cycle.
I'll have to check out this Snapdragon as soon as it makes itself available.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Irfan View !! yes.
I have to puke all over Irfanview. I've had it for about a year but it keeps getting the way since I foolishly let it consume my file associations. Uninstall. Gimme Photoshop, I'll wait for it to load.
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