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Maybe it was sleeping on bare rock that was only flimsily covered by crumpled sheets that did it. Regardless, Tysyacha had a nightmare, one that caused her body to break out in sweat. Or was that the night heat, customary for all seasons upon Tatooine?

She was standing before a Jedi, a Twi-lek, with a saber as silver-white as her own.

"Come with me," she said softly, her eyes kind. "Or, please, let me kill you before my Master does. She's severe, and the methods she uses to persuade her prisoners are even more severe. I can't pretend I don't see the power in you, because I do. You and the man Master loved are the two most powerful reported Jedi in the galaxy. However, neither one of you will last before the Indoctrination, or the Judgment Seat. I will make your exit painless if you'll kneel down and bow your head, lovely Exile."

Instead of shaking her head, fleeing, or even poising to attack, Tysyacha asked, "Who is your Master? What does she want?" A brief pause. "To vanquish the True Sith?"

The Twi'lek's laughter, like the tinkling of silver bells, made Tysyacha shiver inside. "My darling! Don't you know who the True Sith are? They are all of us, every one, because we have all done wrong and made harmful and dark errors in our judgment. I am no Jedi, Lady Dvukh. I am one of the True Sith, but I have been forgiven. As will you be, if you turn to the Light. My Master is waiting. Submit. I don't want to have to kill you, but she will if she finds out you are still hostile to her plans by the time we've finished speaking. Let the Light of the Galaxy find you, cleanse you. Let it fill you."

"Light has no place for murder, for domination, for torture and interrogation," Tysyacha said. "Let me turn you to the Light, and perhaps we can stop your Master before it's too late." She reached out a hand, sensing no intentions of harm on the Twi'lek's part.

"Ah, Ty-sya-cha..." Her name said slowly, like a caress. "She is unstoppable. With her Battle Meditation, she can conquer the world, and the galaxy. Don't walk this path. In her eyes, and in mine, you are still a Sith, though you can turn back and be saved."

"Take me to see her," came the terrifying words, "and if I die by her hand, I die."

Tysyacha convulsed with fear, knocking her head against a rock and not even caring.
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