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"I copy, Storm Lead," Noelle said, then switched over to her flight's frequency. "Lightnings, break to port on my mark and come to heading six-six-two-five to engage the eyeballs," she told them curtly, dialing her shield controls to maximum. "Three, two, one, mark!" Hauling her joystick to the left, she felt her fighter respond instantaneously, veering off to the side. She decreased her throttle a little bit, then rotated the stick to come upon their new heading. "Keep it tight as we approach our attack vector, Lightnings, then break off and fire at will."


"Once we plow the road, you should have a straight shot to the Dreadnought, so make those punches count."

Laveen Silverthorne flexed her long fingers before settling her hand back on her Y-wing's control stick. This was her first combat sortie with her new unit and she didn't want to disappoint. She hadn't really gotten to know anyone very well yet, not even her direct commanding officer, but that put the impetus on her to do the best she could. She certainly didn't want to live up to her mildly derisive callsign of 'Greenhorn'.

Punching her comm, she said, "Thanks for the escort, Deuce. We'll try not to disappoint."
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