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The softest, almost inaudible whir emitted from his hand as he shifted his fingers every few seconds, his hands joined behind his back and feet spread in military at-ease fashion. The glow from the item before him shed a blue light on only half his face, leaving the rest in ghastly shadow.

"The Star Map." he whispered under his breath.

And so it was. When everyone else had fallen to slumber, he had risen, unable to resist the item's call. With a single touch of his human hand, the three arms of the device slowly opened, and the great map that was hidden within its ancient databanks had expanded before his very eyes. Those eyes now examined every inch that he could take in. The hundreds of planets, billions of stars, and multiple systems from his many years of space travel were recreated here - data holes and all.

When a sudden shifting of clothes sounded somewhere behind him, he spun and ducked to his knees, his blue eyes piercing the darkness. It was Tysyacha who had been moving - and as she twisted in the blankets that covered her, he slunk further into the shadows, expecting her to wake.

But she didn't. She uttered a small moan, and thrashed once more - her head colliding with the rock beside her - and lay still once more. That didn't last long, however. She shifted again - and then again.

She was having a nightmare.

Knowing from experience just how terrible nightmares could be, he touched the Star map again, allowing it to close before dashing quickly over to where she lay. With a gentle hand, he knelt next to her, his hand touching to her shoulder.

"Tysy? Tysyacha."

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