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My post was nuked by the db crash yesterday, so here it is again (modified)...

If I had made a specific choice to be atheist, I probably wouldn't be one. I didn't exactly want to give up religion - far from it. Unfortunately, when I began trying to talk about my faith to others I couldn't even justify the assumptions necessary in my own eyes, much less anyone else's. So I worked on it. I read theology, read philosophy, read logic. That didn't really help me with my belief - at least as far as justifying it - so I looked if anything else would work out better. I didn't find anything then; I still haven't found anything. So here I am, not so much the product of a particular conscious decision to reject faith, but more as an inevitable consequence of believing that things should be understandable...

I still read apologetics, but it doesn't provide enlightenment - except insofar as I gain greater understanding of the motivations of those who still believe - and I somehow doubt it ever will.
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