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New DS Underwear for Bastila & PCs

I'd been working on this off and on for a while, in between other mods. I just finished Bastila's slave and Dark Side underwear the other day. Now the file is up at filefront

There are 10 screenshots at filefront, but here's a sneek peek:

(I hope it shows up, I'm new)

I've changed the DS underwear for all three PC classes since the originals just weren't dark enough. The males are just darker, but the females are now wearing leather and fishnets (instead of Sith issued long johns ). Sorry I couldn't make them with more gender equality, but the guys would look weird if I did.

As for Bastila, when you first save her on Taris, her outfit is now a little ragged and dirty. After getting back to the apartment hideout (and she gets cleaned up), she changes to either LS lace or DS fishnets.

I hope you enjoy this mod, and please let me know what you think.

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