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Originally Posted by Pavlos
1.07 BETA (Premonition [how fancy...]) has been released. Same feature list as above. I'm going to risk the beta and take a look at the engine optimisations, the camera changes, and the toolset.

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Hmm, I'm a bit ambivalent about this patch... lots of good improvements, but they also seem to mess quite a lot with things that weren't really broken, like the cameras/controls/options. Seems like they've applied a planet-sized nerf to the Knockdown feat as well, making it mostly worthless. It will also be annoying if they've added an Oblivion-Nighteye like effect to Darkvision (which it sounds like from the readme) since it ruins the visuals of the game if you just see the world in black and white during the night or while indoors. In particular since I can't remember any really dark area in the game.

Hopefully all the changes aren't hardcoded so you can change them back to what you are accustomed to while still getting the performance enhancements.

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