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No, knockdown was broken, apparently (I have no idea where to start on DnD rules ).

Umm... the camera is... new. I'm not sure what more I can say - it took a while to get used to but I got the strategy mode to work as I wanted to and then managed to get the character mode to work nicely too. The camera rotation is finally no longer limited by your framerate, or so it would seem because when I swing it around, it maintains the same speed. So: the camera is actually an improvement but it sort of takes some getting used to (like the first time I played NWN2) and it will hopefully settle some of the "the camera is broken!!!!111!!!" people down . Oh and my first thoughts when looking at the camera screen were, "Oh my lord, buttons! Thousands of buttons!" My second thought was, "The marquee control can now be tied to a drag click? Hurrah!"

The... game seemed to mysteriously forget my graphics settings but no big deal. There are some nice improvements - such as the addition of a "far shadows" check-box - but, the graphics screen just seems to be a rearrangement and rewording of things. I didn't get much of a performance increase (but that may be something to do with my very, very old AMD Althlon 64 3000+... or was in 3200+? One of those, anyway). One thing I did notice, though, is that there seems to be less fluctuation in frame rate and as such conversation animations are a little more fluent . Others are reporting rather large increases in fps but this is the internet, the realm of exaggeration, so it's probably best to take them with a grain of salt.

I'm not sure if it's psychological but I think module and area load times have been decreased, it would be nice if someone could verify this for me.

On the toolset side: load times seem pretty much the same, but we now have a plugin to search through the game's resources and the interior tilesets no longer have a red ceiling (hurrah!). I've never had problems with the toolset crashing so I'm not really in any position to comment on that. Same with multiplayer.

Low light vision doesn't actually seem to work ... so no fears there, stoffe.

Edit: Oh and a little yellow message comes up across the top of the screen when you get a new journal entry in the cinematic conversation mode - which is nice. I'm not sure if it does the same with influence (like it did in the MotB preview) but I'd imagine that it does. You can also view the numerical values for your alignment, which is a nice touch . -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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