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Electoral College (How Do You Reform, Should We Reform?)


You see, I was paying attention to how the Republicans are passing a bill in Calforina in 2008 that would divide electoral vote based on district rather than based on Winner-Take-All. Democrats were screaming that it was an unfair attempt to steal electoral votes...(Don't worry, it is likely to be defeated overwheamlingly.)

A proposed California ballot initiative could dramatically alter the way American presidents are elected, improving chances for Republican candidates to capture the White House.

Called the Electoral Reform Act, the measure would change the way California awards its coveted 55 electoral college votes. The initiative would eliminate the current winner-takes-all method, replacing it with a system that would award electoral votes based on votes cast in California congressional districts.

If the system had been in place for the 2004 presidential contest, President Bush would have received 22 electoral votes in California. Instead, John Kerry won all 55 California electoral votes by winning the majority of the state’s popular vote.

The Electoral Reform Act is being pushed by Sacramento Republican attorney Thomas Hiltachk. Backers are working to collect signatures to place the measure on the June 2008 ballot, so it could be in place in time for the November 2008 presidential race.

California Democrats consider the measure a power grab and plan to fight the initiative if it reaches the ballot.
They should know. The Democrats in 2004 tried to get a referednum in Colordo that would divide electroal vote based on district rather than based on Winner-Take-All. Republicans were screaming that it was an unfair attempt to steal electoral votes...

Many of the biggest supporters of Amendment 36 have been Democrats, who began working to get the proposal on the ballot back when it looked as though their traditionally Republican state would again vote decisively for President Bush. Although the Colorado Democratic Party is officially neutral on the ballot proposition, political analysts believe the idea was to find a way to deprive Bush of all nine of Colorado's electoral votes and shift a few to Kerry.

The opposition, meanwhile, has been led by state Republicans, who dislike the amendment for precisely the same reason.
Don't worry. It was defeated overwheamingly.

Gotta love politicans.
Real reason I started this thread is because I like the electoral college. It allows for candinates to focus on smaller states and not huge population centers, and it allows for us to know who wins the election rather quickly than to wait for recount after recount of the popular vote. But, er, my view isn't exactly that popular. So, I guess I want to know what you think. And more importantly, how would you get your ideas adopted.

According to a political science study I saw a while back, Electoral College Reform only works when one party can benieft from it, like above. In 2004, Democrats backed Electoral College Reform, Republicans were against. Today, Republicans back Electoral College Reform, Democrats are against. Altough there may be overall high support for electoral college reform, when it is done on a state level, people have to vote on ways that will help them out in the long term. Something to do about "winners" in the electoral college not wanting reform and "losers" in the electoral college clamoring for reform. I want to dig that link up, as it is an interesting study, and useful for anyone wanting to reform the Electoral College.

Some obscere links that show my position:

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