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Imperial Heresy

Ever since the last True Emperor died with no heir, an Elected Emperor has ruled in his place, and freedom has reigned throughout Morta. But now, the Elected Emperor has been reduced to a figurehead by the Temple, who now rule the lands of Morta, renaming the Mortan Empire the Divine Empire of Man, oppressing the people and forcing their doctrine upon them, but not even they are indestructible...

Empress Padme
"Inquisitor Torah, I must speak with you. Priestess Karras has left, and I found Forbidden Archives open. Nothing was stolen, but I believe she has fallen to heresy." A High Priest of the Temple informed Torah. "Very well. I will send a squad of Inquisitors to hunt her down, and bring her to me. I will perform the ritual personally when she is found." Torah replied, making his was to the Inquisitor Barracks.

A think fog covered the forest outside the Imperial City, or as it was now called Theion City, under the new regime. Curudir was leaving the city primarily because he could not stand being in the centre of that theocracy for too long. As he rode his horse, he spotted what appeared to be a priestess running away from the city. This seemed odd, as clerics were rarely seen outside the cities, so he stopped his horse to talk to her. "I take it there's a reason you're outside the city?" He asked her.

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