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The Exile jerked awake, startled, saying not a word besides her muffled gasp. Her eyes were half-full of sleepy grogginess and half-full of something else, some deeper form of consciousness besides what kept her alert and functioning during the daytime. Not noticing the mechanic per se, but rather a warm and sentient figure needing guidance and clarity, she motioned to him with a quick snap of the wrist and slowly walked outside, drawn by an enveloping hypnotic trance. In her white nightclothes and with her ghostly pale skin, she looked like a wraith newly risen from the dead.

Not minding the rocky floor of the krayt dragon lair or the desert sand beneath her feet, Tysyacha kept walking until she and the perplexed mechanic were about a thousand yards out into the desert. Not once did the Exile break from her state or look back to see if the man was still following her. It was as if she knew the Force would have him follow, and no matter if he professed to the contrary, he'd obey it.

When she had reached her destination, surrounded by a billion stars and their cold and dispassionate fire, she turned and pointed to a faint speck in the sky. A lost planet, perhaps, or a star that had turned into a white dwarf, dying at last?

A rhyme came to her lips, dark and insidious, making the mechanic's blood run cold.

Where the darkness used to be, that's where you'll find the Light.
The Star Forge may have been destroyed, but not its center's sight.
Malak was only a pawn, as are we all, somehow,
In this war between Light and Dark, the Light shall conquer now.
She waits for you, she waits for him, the one he left behind.
The price of life for this one is his love, but he is blind.
He'll say she plans to use him for the Dark Side's greed and gain,
But once he yields, and once I yield, we all shall feel no pain.
We have the option to retreat, and that can be our choice,
But if we do, the galaxy will lose its only voice.
She's there, the one who rules us all. She's waiting, the Sublime,
And we must find her and join her before the death of Time.

Tysyacha fainted. Her body lay limp on the sand. Was the mechanic there?
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