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KOTOR 3 New character advent or returning old ones? Predominant theme light or dark?

The title pretty much sums it up.

Mostly I am referring to the main player: whether it should be either
a new character or a combination of Revan AND the Exile. I had toyed with the idea really about 2005 after TSL came out and ROTS had hit theaters and gone. I figured with the big mistake on TSL it was too early to come to any conclusion. It was a supposition. I'm glad to see I am not the only one who pondered this. While we all have had some really great ideas for plot and story, lucasarts does have its own mind made up about its works. George himself has even stated upfront how *HE* must be the one to write his stuff.

This was prompted by various other threads here, on obsidian, on team gizka, and elsewhere in general. Really, I am not sure if there is much room for a third character in terms of BIG TIME heroes/villains--it just kind of gets dull in the overall story. However there may be room for 'one more splurge'--after all much of SW comes in 3s right? Personally, I see, and perhaps feel, more chance of Revan + Exile dual main player. Many of the choices in the previous 2 would be rendered perhaps inert and irrelevant; the most important stuff could still be chosen via dialogue or some other way. I'm just not sure how much more can be rewally added here in the KOTOR era.

Now a dual main player scheme might sound a bit sour at first (admittedly it probably is kind of dull in how it sort of forces replay BUT it'd organize it in such a way to develop the intrigue--the two ways to go about it wouldn't be exactly the same and it'd obviously have all the chioces of the kotor games we know and love)...... then again, it might not be so bad either.

Unfortunately, the only example of this I can give is MegaMan Xtreme 2-- you chose how the quest was going to happen. Either MegaMan X or Zero.
The format was actually not too bad IMHO--it just needed a jucier storyline.

You'd go the chosen quest and it appeared there were 2 bad bosses. You'd face one or the other at the end depending on which quest you chose (who you started with--though throughout the game you'd tag team and such). Then you would save after beating the first (whichever one) and do the other quest--albeit with some extra little goodies that wouldn't be otherwise obtainable (it'd provide a little replay value that way--goodies and not just items but quests and dialogue). Then you would complete that one--and find that the quest was still not over; there was a main villain behind the two. You'd then go the whole true story no holds barred and end it with fighting the main badass--of which you had to combine the talents of the two in order to beat him.
Maybe the third element is already there in between the two? Another quest?

Also so far as the plot line, I have seen unconfirmed posts that the jedi order implodes after TSL. (source PLLLLLEASE?!) This would imply (at least to me) that lucasarts is trying to lend some truth, wiehgt, substance, etc. to palpatine's statement in AOTC. "I will not let this republic that has stood for a thousand years be split in two..." Like the republic officially shattered, but remnants in large numbers still remain and are trying to reassemble it--but won't until around the period just prior to jedi vs sith. Maybe this could be the plot or it could be a supporting factor (as in it already happened).

In essence what I want is a vote either
Nay/NIX: revan and exile are not part of it, we start anew--though rev and ex would undoubtedly still have influence as well as the previous quests too. How the above would not work.

Yay/combination: what I just described above and how it would work. opinions and suggestions welcome as well as constructive criticism but do try to keep it as light as possible and stay on topic.

EDIT: The third NEW main character is possible even with a YAY vote--I don't see why not. NOW, LET US HAVE IT!
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