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As you may have gathered from some of my less than flattering comments towards the Electoral College that I am against it and believe it should be abolished. I remember before the 2000 election the media reporting that the Republicans already had a team of lawyers waiting to challenge the election. The Republican strategist felt that George W. Bush would win the Popular Vote, but lose the Electoral Vote. When the exact opposite happened, even though they planned to do the exact same thing before the election, they were appalled when Gore did not concede the election and sought legal recourse. In the case of the 2000 election two people did make a difference in deciding the election, and it wasnít any of the 337,183 more people that voted for Gore over Bush. It was Katherine Harris, the Republican Secretary of State and Jeb Bush, the Republican Governor of Florida that made the difference. So in my opinion with the antiquated Electoral College the election can be manipulated by state governments. Not just sour grapes on my side, because to my shame Iím one of the 49,819,600 that voted for Bush (I was being selfish and wanted Bush out of Texas).

Originally Posted by SilentScope001
It allows for candinates to focus on smaller states and not huge population centers
Never really considered this and it is a good point. As much as I dislike the Electoral College this is something to consider before it could be completely abolished. On the selfish side, if the candidates did not have to worry about the smaller states they would pour more of their resources into the larger markets. That would mean I would have to deal with more political commercials, so to me this may be the most important reason to keep the Electoral College, I can not deal with anymore paid lies and half truths.

Originally Posted by SilentScope001
it allows for us to know who wins the election rather quickly than to wait for recount after recount of the popular vote.
I donít really see the importance here. Why does it matter if we know the election results on the day of the election or two weeks later? We didnít know the results of the 2000 election, with the Electoral College for over a month and it didnít seem to destroy this nation.

My plan would just to get rid of the Electoral College and go with the popular vote, however I do find your argument about candidates not paying attention to smaller states valid and believe it should be taken into consideration before abolishing our current system.
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