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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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A high pitch screech rang in the ears the young mans ears, it was like a flock of bats had began to scream into his ears. This was the first thing to register as the man awoke from his unconscious state, then it was the pounding feeling within his head, it felt like a Large man had used his skull as a war drum. Each muscle ached like his body had been crushed under a ton of rocks, and the slightest attempt at movement felt like needles were stabbing them. Each time he breathed he felt like he was inhaling fire into his already scorched lung and windpipe.

He began to hope this pain would pass and waited for what seemed like an eternity before he decided to open his eyes. Slowly his lids began to rise up and were met with nothing but darkness, for a moment he felt he was blind then his eyes began to adjust, the room was dark but there was a flickering light in the room.

He slowly turned his head to the right, with great effort and pain, and was met with the sight of a skeleton. At first glance human but distorted in many ways. ‘What the hell are you.’ He thought. ‘A friend? An enemy?’

Then it hit him he didn’t know anything, Who he was, where he was, what he looked like.

“Ss-sss-stay back! D-don-don't..."
A voice called out not far from where he lied breaking his thought… Suddenly he found himself almost instinctively reaching to the skeleton and grabbing a bone. Groaning in pain while he did it he knew not why, only that he needed to a tool, no weapon, to defend himself.
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