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Ok... more stuff:

The camera is much more flexible to tweak and as such, a new player may be overwhelmed by all the buttons but I can safely say that it is a big improvement, for me, at least. After eight months of patching, I can actually get the game to play like Baldur's Gate II. Shift+click on a party member's portrait adds them to your currently controlled characters, the marquee works with a click and drag - as it should have done from the off - the issues with the group select and character actions seem to have been fixed, so you don't have to deselect your party members and just control the PC to interact with objects. The character mode isn't annoying, either... it actually works and I have it set up so when I switch to that mode the game plays almost exactly like KotOR.

I was also a little harsh on the performance improvements. I've extended my tests to the other areas of the OC (rather than just West Harbor) and I've seen an improvement of 5-10 fps (which is substantial on my ageing system). As I said before, there's less fluctuation in this as well, so swinging the camera about and panning isn't painful for the eyes.

What's more: New items flash in the inventory, to tell you that you've just picked them up - which is more useful than you can possibly believe.

So: some bugs, some flaws but I'm really impressed with 1.07 thus far . -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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