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I think Darth Badguy was trying to figure out how to get the kiss unmodded. In any case, I'm pretty sure to get it unmodded, you need to 1. Use any romance oriented lines avalable no matter how lame they sound, but also don't be disrespectfull. 2. Complete her messenger sidequest well, the kiss may depend on the outcome I don't know. 3. it is advisable to take her everywhere with you so you know when she wants to talk to you, becuase if you don't complete all of the avalable conversations before you move on to the next starmap the romance quest ends. If you do the planets in this order (not counting Dantooine or Taris) Kashyyk, Tatooine, Manaan ( at least that's how I did it on my last play through) than near the end of Manaan she should ask to talk to you in private, if she does than that means you just need to play the rest of the converstion right and she's yours. POST SCRIPT: Alignment makes no difference I know of.

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