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The Jedi General walked through the newly captured command center, past all the various troops and officers as he made his way in to the war room. He walked to the middle of the room where a large table had a holographic display of the city projected on to it. The projection also showed the positions off all Republic, Mandalorian and civilian positions within the city.

Castov Walked to the side of the Republic commander who was in charge of the Ground forces and advisor to the Jedi on the planet. The Jedi looked over the board and examined all the positions, the Jedi Marr had met up with some republic troops and were trying to get a large group of civilians to the relative safety of the command center. Another Jedi, Frederico, was leading the charge to take the Town hall half a click away from the command center and the rest of the forces were currently engaged in battle on the edges.

Looking at the projected images he began to look at the known enemy positions, he noticed a small Mandalorian patrol was moving to a position between the Command center and the Jedi Marr.

“What’s the strength of that patrol?” Jesp asked pointing at the red dots.

“Twenty Mandie troops and a couple of armored speeders.” One of the officers around the table informed.

“Damn it those civilians will be slaughtered.” Castov said as he began to run out of the room. “I’ll be taking a one of the skiffs, inform any Jedi in the center to meet me at the garage.”
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