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Originally Posted by RAY
It is, as *always*, Rhett's fault. He spilled Whiskey all over the controls, when he was making love to Five Finger Clarice and attempted to reach for the remote. Niner couldn't do anything about it as he was involved in a fist fight against Rhett's elves, who were on a amphetamine rampage again. Niner's now recovering at a hospital, and due to 2 broken lashed has to stay there until 3-2-1-now. Phreak, Thrik and Groovy played strip poker with 333, who is now making money with their clothes. Aristotle was chasing 3 naked admins with a super mega soaker, Chris taped it. Remi and Metallus were gone fishing. Jake just wanted to test a newly designed totally hip and minimalistic main page for the forums. DJG slept under the table while Maul glued his eyes close. Ike tried to secrete the whole incident by covering it with "database issues".
Did this happen again?

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