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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
the idea that you could be "trackable" 24/7 has a pretty high heebie-jeebie factor IMNSHO.
I dont think the transmitter is powerful enough to track you as if could only be detected over a few centimeters/inches. If you think how big a wireless router transmitter is and then scale it down to the size of a grain of rice and then think that a router has a 50 meter/150 foot radius there can only be a 10 centimeter/3 inch range.

But I can't believe people are about to do this. Anything which transmits data in radio waves can cause cancer - its just our skin (an clothes) stop all but the most high frequency waves. However, if you put this in your body the skin can't protect you.

The Alexander Litvinenko case in Britain where he was killed by a dose of radioactive polonium-210 is a classic example of a similar case (though it is radioactive alpha-decay not electromagnetic gamma-decay they both act in the same way). The alpha-decay from polonium-210 isn't strong enough to penetrate skin but when it hits soft tissue there's no defensive layer and it is fatal.

I thank the lord for the NHS and my free centralised healthcare and hope this doesn't catch on in Britain.

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