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((occ- Well two impatient people have Pmed me to get this thing going so I’ll do a twenty minuets later and presume everyone is in the common room.))

With everyone Gathered around the large table in the middle of the Common room Alec stood up and picked up his datapad and handed it to Jyot to look at then pass it around.

“Ok I’ll start this off by introducing you guys to our new pilot, She’s Alindra D'Ayarra and from what I hear she’s good. You guys can get to know her later but right now we need to get to business.” Alec begun with a grin. “As you can see I got a message form an acquaintance of mine, An Abyssin that myself, Jyot and Latch had helped out a couple years ago. The message is about a possible bounty. It’s a Jedi Ladies and Gentlemen.”

Alec paused for a second knowing it will cause a stir among the group. “Now I normally wouldn’t trust the Cyclops as far as I could throw him but the chance to get the biggest payday of our lives is an opportunity I’m not willing to let pass me by. But this much money is high risk and as I said I don’t trust our contact, so if anyone wants out, go now.”

Once again Alec paused and waited to see if anyone would leave, he sighed in relief when he noticed no one was going to leave. “Good, We’re going to Bryndar, A backwater rock of ice that is of no importance. It has a small imperial garrison but they are paid off by Hutts who use that world as a safe zone for their employees with bounties on their heads. We’ll land on a small Settlement that use to be used for miners before they abandoned it. There we’ll try to find out a more exact location for the Jedi…. Any Questions?”
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