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"Sure, I got a question," Ali said. "Have you ever seen a Jedi in action? Because I have... and when they're expecting something, which you gotta assume most Jedi these days are, it's damn near impossible to get near them... let alone capture one. So do you have a plan for this? Way I see it, you're gonna need one hell of a plan to pull this off..."

From where he was flitting around the chairs, Zip spoke up, "Undesignated Bounty Alindra D'Ayarra, we are professional bounty hunters. And while you may be immune to my hypnocane darts, surely the percentage of beings in the galaxy who can withstand a dosage of the tranquilizer such as you did is very small."

"Hypnocane would only slow a Jedi down a little," Ali countered, glaring icily at the droid. She looked around at the rest of the crew. "How much do any of you know about Jedi?"

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