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The crack seemed louder than it should have been. Far louder. The altar seemed to pulsate and glow coldly, as if it sensed the pain and relished it. The bone-like walls seemed to begin crawling in the dim light, shifting and moving like a creature awakening from a long slumber.

He looked around frantically, his hand automatically shifting to his dagger and yanking it from his belt. The sudden shifting movements had put him on full alert, and he now jumped to his feet. "Get away from the walls." he ordered the others.

Almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth, the shifting stopped, almost like it had never happened. A sense that someone or something was toying with them became overwhelming.

He continued to watch the walls, turning a full three-hundred-sixty degrees, not lowering his guard once. "We've got to get out of here." he breathed.

There was no way out, the only signs of anything were the strange markings on the wall, near where he had embedded the torch.

His eyes settled again on the strange webbing, frowning faintly as he studied it again. The memory was fresh in his mind of what it had felt like the last time he had touched it...but what if one of the others could push through it?

"Hey..." he said, pointing the blade of the dagger towards where the torch was positioned, "You see those markings on the wall?" he said, "I've tried to get through once, but couldn't. D'you think one of you could...?"

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