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Darlene Karras, priestess of the Temple and scholar of the archives, stopped her horse to acknowledge the soldier. She was impatient as she had some news for Rowan that was time sensitive but she hid it under the calm demeanor of a priestess, accentuated by the steely glint her blue-grey eyes gave. She replied, "I am on official business to one of our shrines. An errand of ritualistic importance."
There had been rumors that some of the soldiers disliked the current order but to actively seek them out risked lives since many were loyal to whom they served. Darlene knew well enough to treat all soldiers with the same regard that the priests held for them though she disliked it thoroughly. She waited patiently while thinking of her friend.

Rowan Aldstar watched from his lookout in the trees. He had seen the soldier riding towards the city and had seen her leave. He was worried. She had promised that this would be the last run but he was still worried. For the past few months she had helped by supplying heretical documents while concealing the whereabouts of the hidden refuge of his people and dwaf friends. He was grateful but he didn't want her harmed for reasons that he cared not to tell anyone or her just yet. From his perch in the trees, he watched as Darlene engaged in conversation. It would be better if he moved closer.

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