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Originally Posted by MdKnightR
For those of you who don't know what Deism is, here's a short answer for you. Most believe that the "supreme being" or "first cause" simply acted as a clockmaker. It created the mechanism for the universe, set the clock, started the pendulum swinging, and went on vacation without his cellphone or his beeper (prayer). Deists don't pray to a god, because he/she/it isn't active in our daily lives. I tend to think that the "clock" sometimes needs maintenance, so it'll enter the picture again as needed to check up on things, but otherwise, the universe is left to its own devices.
Although my view of an atheist would not exclude or contradict the possible existence of a first cause (which mustn't necessarily some being), simply because we have to have many first causes out there, not just one for the universe. Also, in case it's some being, or which seems to be more likely, beings, they're maybe just part of some kind of universe which our universe is located in. It's also possible, that our universe is just some kind of really cool simulation of how the "real" universe developed, maybe because some beings were curious about their existence and where they came from, too.

In my opinion, the existence of a higher developed species, beings, whatever, with the knowledge (and technology) to "create" universes, does not contradict atheism, nor does it imply the necessity to worship them by any means. It would, however, render like 99.9% of the religions earth has ever seen wrong.

And for the small nearly impossible chance that it *is* only a one man show going on "up there" and that being seriously wants to be worshiped by all people and stuff, by all means, he's doing a very, very, very bad and lousy job. Firstly, there's an uncountable number of planets out there, which could be overcrowded with people worshiping him, but no, he just puts a handful of jerks somewhere, who are secondly not even sure who to worship, or if there is someone to worship at all. Third: prayers. I mean listening to people is all good, but really, if I were able to create universes, would I want to hear people whine about broken legs or lost amulets, or listen to their selfish hopes and wishes? Yes, we might not know what god's intentions are, but in *my* universe, there *would* be clear Ray has the biggest tree in the garden, and at least 40817 planets would prosper copiously with human life, and the human race would show only one, the female gender. Now *that* would be godlike.

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