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Latch laughed and shook his head, sending long black hair waving around. Stalking up next to Alec, he threw a hand over his captain's shoulders and turned to look at Ali. "I can see Alec has been neglectful in his duties," Latch said, smiling. "He didn't tell you anything specific about any of us, did he?" He pointed to the datapad that was being passed around. "Nothing beyond what's on that.

"Let me give you the 'real' rundown of who we are." Latch reached over with his free hand to cup Alec's chin. "Our intrepid captain may not look like much, but behind this stubbly exterior lies on of the keenest tracking minds in the Galaxy. Don't believe me? We were in the in Wild Space once and he found me a restaurant that cooked braised nerf filets when I had an absolute hankering for some." He grinned at the betrayed look on Alec's face and laughed again. "If that isn't genius, I don't know what is."

Latch pointed at the Headhunter pilot lounging in one of the chairs around the projector. "Kuun over there is a crack shot, almost as good as I am."

The silver-haired pilot snorted. "You mean 'better than you are', Latch," he said.

"Mmmhm, sure," Latch replied demurely. Turning back to Ali, he said, "I don't think Jedi are trained to dodge sniper shots and Kuun is one of the best I've seen." He held up three fingers. "Not to mention that Kuun isn't going to be the only one shooting. I'm pretty decent myself and our other resident female," he gestured over to Arelyn, "could shoot a tick off a Dug's nose. When she's not blowing up her turret, that is." Latch glanced over at the Mistryl as he said this and sure enough, she was staring at him hard enough for him to feel holes being burned into his skull. He shrugged off that uncomfortable feeling and continued on. "She also wrestled a Togorian down to the ground with her bare hands and held him there long enough for me to incapacitate him." He nodded at Arelyn, who seemed just a bit more appeased at his compliment. "Not an easy thing to do."

Latch strolled over to Jyot and threw his arm around the mechanic's shoulders. "Jyot here you already know, so we'll just skip him," he said, throwing an apologetic look to his friend and ignoring the elbow thrown into his ribs. "As for myself, I'm ex-CorSec, so I know a thing or two about apprehending tough collars. Haven't notched a Jedi in my belt just yet, but there's a first time for everything."

He looked over at the young medic. "And if all that's not enough to convince you, Ali, then just know that whenever we capture a successful bounty, Stitcher here cooks us up some mighty fine Karkan ribenes, complete with Corellian seed poppers." He shot Stitcher a grin. "Oh and he's a pretty good medic too."

Turning back to Ali, he flattened out his grin and addressed her in a serious tone. "We know what we're doing, Ali. Believe me, we don't go into things half-arsed. You signed up to fly with us, so give us at least some credit and time to prove to you what we can do. How about it?"
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