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GIN - The Galactic Imperial Navy

The Galactic Imperial Navy

GIN is a clan like very few others, while we will help improve both saber and force skills, we also focus on flight and weapons. Much though flight is by no means the most popular aspect of JKA, once experienced, many find that it can add an entirely new aspect to the game, making it far more enjoyable.

What we stand for:

The main premise of GIN is to try and prevent disruptive behaviour, that is to say that we do our best to show members of the community that cheating, scripting and exploiting the game is not only wrong, but can ruin the experiences of others.

Our Rules:

GIN does not have too many rules, for instance, our server has no rule against laming. This may seem strange to some but does not mean that we all run around killing everyone like mad. If it is clear that someone is talking to another or trying something out, we assume that they don't want to be disturbed and let them be. Aside from that, it allows for 'real ffa'. The only actual rule is that nobody, whether in the clan or not, is allowed to exploit, cheat or script on our server.

The Server:
Our server is usually on Naboo Hills 2.1 , a large map with various ships and several land vehicles, normally it is on FFA, however, every now and then we use it for CTF. It is the only JKA server totally dedicated to flight maps. The N2 (naboo starfighter) has been disabled on Naboo Hills as we prefer to use the Tie Fighters which invole much more skill rather than using lock-on missiles.

=[FFA]=Flight_Zone can be found at and runs on ClanMod.

Contact Us:
If you wish to know more about us or apply to join, you can reach our forums at:
Imperial Message Center :: Index

Just register and make a post in 'Galactic Imperial Navy (GIN)'.

If you want to contact us on xfire, the usernames of the members of the High command are as follows:


Additional Information:
GIN is part of The Imperial Military Forces (IMF), the other part of which, GIA (army) focusses on sabers and force (Their server can be found at: The clan as a whole has been around since 1996 when it was founded on the MSN gaming zone. Currently we have around 60 active members in JKA, CSS and Halo (about 80% in JKA) and are also involved in several other games but have no official section dedicated to them.

If you wish to join, you do not have to be a skilled player, there is no test to get in, we can help you improve. All we ask is that you come with a good attitude and are willing to be active, however, as always, real life comes first; we will never expect you to bend your life to fit in with anything we do.

Any further questions, feel free to ask me or any other members on our server or on xfire (or just reply to this post), for now, I hope this has given you a useful insight into what we're all about. Even if you don't want to join but are interested in flying, I'm sure you can get a few pointers on the server.

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