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"Do you expect me to tremble in fear? I know what you're up to, and I want to help you." As Curudir said that, four Holy Inquisitors rode up, and stopped in front of Curudir. "Hand the woman over to us." The leader said to him. "I don't see why I should." He replied. "Perhaps you fail to realise she is a heretic. Hand her over to us, and you shall not share her fate." The inquisitor stated. "And what is her fate?" Curudir asked. "The same as all heretics: she shall be silenced, and cleansed." Curudir did not need to ask what this meant. He knew it meant that she would have her tongue cut out, to keep the heresy from spreading further, and then she would be burned alive, to cleanse her body of the remaining heresy. Those that survived, did not do so for long. "What you fail to realise, Inquisitor, is that I have no intention of turning her over to you, nor do I have any of going with you myself." Curudir responded, pulling out his swords, and stabbing the Inquisitor in the chest. The remaining three drew their staves, attempted to strike Curudir, but his blades slashed through their inferior weapons, and he stabbed each of them quickly, taking no pleasure in the kills. "If there was another way, I would have spared them. I am not your enemy. My name is Curudir Therias, former Knight of the Mortan Empire. I served the Elected Emperor back when he had power, but I never served the Temple." Curudir told the priestess.

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