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Originally Posted by Weiser_Cain
I'm ashamed I had to go here to get this

'Earlier this year, BioWare announced the formation of a mini-studio devoted to developing the new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO. Since then, BioWare has remained mum about the extent of what they are developing, but rumor has it that they might be working on KOTOR 3 for Next Gen systems like the Xbox 360.

"The Internet is ablaze as most fans are tepid about the MMO, but absolutely getting their panties in a bunch at the thought of a new KOTOR RPG.

Perhaps there will be some sort of interesting announcement at next month's E3, but if not, fans will have to continue to cross their fingers.'

I seriously doubt it'll be out this year
It's bunk. This is G4 posting a rumor they got from CVG who in turn got it from the rumor section in an issue of EGM or something along those lines. Follow the trail and you'll see.

Yes, BioWare is making an MMORPG but BioWare hasn't specified anything about what type of content their MMOG will have. Sure, maybe it will turn out to be a KotOR-based MMOG but at this point that is pure conjecture, not fact.

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