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"Hey!" Jyot held out his arms in surrender as he backed off down the corridor to engineering. "What can I say? Just trying to have a good time at work, Alec. You know, job satisfaction and all that. And I do have a couple of thermal re-breathers, in case you've forgotten. Traded those..." He paused, not sure if Alec remembered that he had traded a pair of thermo-couplings for the re-breathers a year or so back. "Those, erm... those useless spares that were cluttering up the back storage area for.... Erm, nevermind."

He noticed the smile that Alec gave Ali, and his eyes narrowed a bit. "Frosty indeed," he murmured, and then turned and walked into engineering. He still had to fix the rest of Arelyn's turret, but more urgently the engines needed to be prepped for take-off.

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