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I'm planning on creating a little program called "Destiny Determinator" which simply determines what kind of travel package you would qualify for (in the fictional Grim Fandango afterlife that is) if you were to die tomorrow (if you would qualify for a travel package that is). I'm not too good with images or sounds, but I can script stuff and that's the most important part of such a program.

The program will be completely independent of the game itself, and fully created from scratch. No copyrights will be violated in any way.

Q: How should it work?
A: Well, first all, this program asks for you name and age. A name so it knows what to call you and an age, because it plays an important role in determining your destiny. Very young people (i.e. pre-teens) are forgiven for all sins and automatically get a ticket on the Number Nine. Teens get also get a much easier treatment than adults and usually won't get anything lower than a luxury ocean cruise unless they were really bad.

You will never be asked for other details such as race or gender as all souls deserve equal treatment regardless of these aspects.

Next you will be asked questions about your life. Any sins commited below teen-age years are forgiven. Intentions, whether or not you made amends before death, whether or not you repented or instead tried to avoid responsibility etc. will also be taken into account. You will be asked stuff like, if you killed people, stole, swindled, exploited people, lied, cheated on your taxes or partners, respected your family and friends etc.

There are many things you could qualify for, depending on your life: a double-N ticket, a cruise on the Sea of Lament (plus safe, company transport on land included), a car (with the option of having your own demon driver), buses, demon bodyguards, being packaged in a coffin and shipped in a company truck, a lame Excelsior Line walking stick or simply nothing.

[There is of course that possibility that you don't deserve anything and must work some time at the DoD to earn the right to leave.]

Suggestions welcome. I'm all ears...
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