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Will it also assign what kind of community service we have to do?

Man you have got to include a graphical interface, like the one Manny had on his computer, simple green and black but with boats and buses and all, as well as some other funny stuff thrown in there. Are you scripting or are you actually going to write the program, but don't know how to do all the fancy graphic generation? I hope someone could help you with that.

But we definitily could all help in thinking about questions and scaling the community service or time in the land of the dead appropriatly. Probably the hardest one will be what you had to do to become a grim reaper, which will involve what we thought Manny did in life, then again maybe the community service is optional, but the LENGTH in that service will differ. You think you'll judge on both time to be spent in the land of the dead AND type of work?

Maybe the community service should depend on what the person did as work in their life, or maybe you can make it Danteish and make the community service suit their sins (like maybe Manny was a used car sales man who sold a couple a bad car that got them in an accident, so he's forced to make sales to people, or something.

This should be a lot of fun!
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