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"Arelyn K'zanthis," she said by way of greeting, extending her hand. Ali shook it and Arelyn took a seat next to her. "Nice to finally have another female on the ship."

"I completely understand the sentiment," Ali replied. Leaning forward conspiratorially, she went on, "I just got off a two month job with nothing but drunks and losers, all men, for crew." She rolled her eyes and gestured toward Jyot. "Even that, while not wholly desirable was much more appealing than another..." She shook her head, leaving the sentence unfinished.

Ali listened to the brief bits of chit chat that began popping up and then her attention was directed to the captain, who seemed to be interested in leaving as soon as possible. That suited Ali just fine. She stood and headed for the cockpit just as Jyot was trying to sidestep the fact that he'd traded something they may have needed for equipment to be used for a fun time in the cold.

"He sold something important, didn't he?" she inquired, leaning in the doorway of the common room. She shook her head in partial amusement. "Idiot."

She danced away into the cockpit, but in only a few seconds, she poked her head back into the common room.

"Oh, and Arelyn?" she said. A grin. "Call me Ali."

Then, she bounded into the cockpit, ready for the signal that all was powered on and ready.

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