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Well, I could do a beta when I get enough free time, it shouldn't take too long. Then you can tell me what you think, how it can be improved, that sort of thing. I'm just not very sure how to add images, even if I had them, but I'll look into it.

Oh, and images should be completely new and not look far too similar the originals.

The way I was thinking, you start off with 100 points and you'd need somewhere between 95-100 to qualify for a double-N ticket. Every sin, depending on consequences and circumstances, reduces points, while good deeds may add points, though if you did something really bad, you blow any chance of ever getting a double-N ticket. 0 to 10 points mean you only get a walking stuff or just something no very good. -1 to -9 means you don't get anything and have to walk. Lower than -10 means you get community service and yes it should depend on what jobs or skills you had in real life.
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