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Originally Posted by Beast-Thrasher
If they do make another one I want them to finish of this storyline or even make a fourth with the after math of everything, but I'm getting ahead of myself. If they do want to make an mmo I wouldn't mind it as long as it looked something like this:

Oh and also the MMO would be free online play but this is LA so I doubt that.
Sounds like a large scale NWNish game? I guess that would be acceptable. But since SWG I won't hold any high hopes for any SW based MMO.

Seriously whassup with the whole "Is it there Yet?" with a KotOR sequel/prequel?? Yes we all want it to happen, but going "Is it there Yet?" every month or so does not help bring it out any faster.

Tell you guys what, just post "New KotOR comes out next month" at the start of every month, and one of them is going to hit home one day... keyword being "one day".

So please quit digging out reposting ancient debunked rumors again and again every couple months.
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